Star Inn Hotel – An Out of the Town Hotel But With Relaxing Vibes!

Tourism in the Canaries in 2016

Tenerife is an island full of myths and legends. To live the magic of this place goes to the North, near Icod de los Vinos. There you’re sure your first meeting face to face with a dragon. Known by the name of Drago Canary tree and is a spectacular kind of Red SAP that can live hundreds of years. It is all that remains of dragon trees that inhabited this earth for thousands of years, but it has earned for its own merits being on the list of things to see in Tenerife. The legend says that by the Canary Islands dragons flows the blood of Ladon, the huge 100-headed dragon that guarded the Hesperides, the islands of paradise. If perhaps you can imagine this, this mythological archipelago is the Canary Islands in all it’s glory. Another popular part of the island is Puerto de la Cruz, which is one of the main tourist hot-spots in the north.

Private Holiday – apartments in south Tenerife ( las Americas / los Cristianos  ). This is often where tourist decide to go when holidaying on the island. Although there other less known places on the island which are just as nice. Look at their twitter page for regular updates.  canarypic

Private Holiday – apartments in south Tenerife ( Las Americas / Los Cristianos  ). This is often where tourist decide to go when holidaying on the island. Although there other less known places on the island which are just as nice. Look at their twitter page for regular updates.  

Leaving the island and not stepping on the Teide should be sin… So put on your boots and get close to one of the best places in Tenerife. Located in the Centre of the island, the natural park is the jewel in the Crown of Tenerife. And there is less because the Teide is the third volcano active highest in the world and the highest peak of Spain thanks to its 3.716 meters. Climb aboard the cable car that will take you to 3.555 meters but recalls that a permit required to reach the crater and be a little in shape because the last stretch must be done on foot. It is worth to say that you don’t have to climb to the Summit to fall in love with the uniqueness of the Teide. Come, even if it is at the base and enjoy your profile and lava sculptures that dot the landscape. You will appear to be on another planet. The trip is a ‘must see’ for anyone visiting the island. If you are interested in accomdation in Spain look at Private Holiday apartments.

Star Inn

Star Inn Hotel is an exquisite hotel located in International City. Star Inn Hotel is considered as a remote hotel as it is situated 45 minutes away from the city centre in International City Spain but it offers chic and luxurious living experience away from the city hassles and in the centre of perfectly tailored polo fields. Though the hotel does not promise exceptional views but from the offset things look promising and as you move into dining area and out onto the balcony, the view of polo fields mesmerize you.

28 suites of Star Inn Hotel in Spain International City are complemented by private pool villas each offers a unique view of bleak desert colliding with lush fertile fields. Here you can enjoy doing a lot of things such as indulge yourself in nature walks, cookery classes, wine tasting or even go one step ahead by taking polo lessons for the expert and novice level alike, for extra charges.

For the ones whom being out of town is not enough and want more solitude; they can choose pool villa suites that offers infinity pool and walled garden. However, to enjoy Spain’s signature nightlife, they will have to come out as there are many better options for them out there. Along with chunk of pampered Spain living, Star Inn Hotel, Spain International City has it all what tourists can look for.

Along with the best of fun and entertainment options, Star Inn Hotel in International City in Spain offers other relaxing services such as spa services. Lime spa offers spa facilities, facials, massages in more than six spa suites. There are other cosmetic treatments as well that you can take benefit of.

To let yourself relax, Star Inn Hotel offers a communal infinity pool overlooking one of the polo fields. There is also fitness center over there which is free for guests to use.

There are restaurants as well where you can enjoy a meal of your choice or may also have a posh deli when you want to skip your full meal and want to take few bits only. To fulfill your shopping spree, you may visit the world’s largest Spain Mall, which is adding to the value of Spain real estate and has ice rink, waterfall and the world’s highest fountains.